“Cheeztosos” is an American Latino Sketch Comedy show, which means is full of Panas, Locos, Vatos, Pelaos, Chamos, Tigres and Mamasitas that speak English but can curse you out in Spanish with the quickness – NO JODAS CABRON Y VAYASE A COMER MIERDA!!!!.

All of our original programming and videos we showcase are produced here in the States for everyone that enjoys their comedy spiced up with a touch of Chipotle and Sazon.

Master Hastings as he likes to be called is the “Evil White Man” that created this show. (He is not Evil and definitely not White) prides himself with the creation of a new word “CHEEZTOSOS”. You see having a vast knowledge of the Spanish Vocabulary Master Hastings cleverly dissected two words, and opened them up like lab frogs and saw them together. IT’S ALIVE, ITS ALIVE!!!!
The word Chistoso, which means Funny in Spanish and mixed with the word Cheez. Well, you got it!!



After directing some of the most influential music videos for Latino Artist such as Don Omar, Gerardo Ortiz and Prince Royce amongst others, Hastings decides to takes his creative talents into the world of “Comedy”. He broke into the Comedy world by directing the hilarious feature film “The Love Potion” that featured in the HBO NY Latino Film Festival and the prestigious Friars Club Comedy Film Festival in 2010. “Being in the HBO NY Latino Film Festival was a given, and I don’t mean that in a conceited way, that was the festival most Latino filmmakers like myself dreamed their film would showcase in, but when we got accepted to the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, I was blown away because your film solely gets in and judge by its comedy content and I realize that I make all kinds of people laugh”. After that The Love Potion was licensed to MTV Tr3s and the Cine Latino Network.

As Alumni of Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) and a recipient of the UCB Diversity Scholarship he is mastering the art of writing, directing and acting for Sketch Comedy and was inspired to create his own Sketch Comedy Series- “Cheeztotos”. “I plan to pass along what I have learned at UCB to my peers in the Latino Community that are interested in pursuing a Comedic Career”.

Danny is Currently working on his second feature “Venus De Macho” as well as producing and directing music videos and industrial videos for brands and agencies.

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